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Working indoors may be the culprit for low vitamin D levels

Many of us live in the urban centers of the world and spend most of our day indoors, working. Your indoor working life may mean that you are not getting enough sun, the source of vitamin D. The best way for you to get vitamin D is through the skin that is exposed to sunlight. Our modern lifestyle, indoors, usually means a greater risk of vitamin D deficiency and Hybrid Nutraceuticals aims to combat this problem with our advanced nutrition multivitamins from MiracleMulti™.

How needing vitamin D shaped our history

Have you ever wondered about the pigment/color of our skin and why some people are darker than others? Most early humans lived near the equator and their skin had high levels of melanin, the chemical that gives color. Melanin also protects the skin from intense sun rays.

Humans began to migrate and as they got further from the equator, there was naturally less exposure to sunlight. But what also happened, weaker sunlight forced them to find a different way to process vitamin D. Melanin declined and to compensate, the pigmentation got lighter. This helps explain why those close to the equator have darker skin and people from northern Europe have paler skin.
The industrial revolution forced us indoors, thus less sunlight or less vitamin D. Rickets started to become a problem. Rickets is result of not having enough vitamin D and it causes bones and teeth to become soft. Medical science soon realized that vitamin D supplementation cured Rickets.

City life makes vitamin D deficiency a reality

Being in the urban areas, even at the same latitude, people have less exposure to sunlight. Think of our lives in the city. We go from home, some kind of covered transportation, to an office building, lunch in a restaurant, shopping or gym and back home. Sometimes, very little time is spent outdoors except maybe on the weekends. So, it is possible that vitamin D deficiency is plaguing you if your lifestyle is similar.

Make sure to take vitamin D supplements if your sunlight exposure is minimal. Multivitamins such as MiracleMulti™ by Hybrid Nutraceuticals are formulated to help with deficiencies like vitamin D.

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