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Why you should take a multivitamin instead of individual vitamins

Perhaps you’re familiar with certain vitamins and minerals that can help prevent diseases. Maybe you’ve wondered if it’s better to take multivitamins, which reduce the amount of pills or capsules ingested, as opposed to individual supplements. Hybrid Nutraceuticals, makers of MiracleMulti, shares why taking a multivitamin is the better option.

Why you should take a multivitamin instead of individual supplements:
  1. The importance of balanced nutrient intake - Each nutrient ingested has an effect on other nutrients in your body. Multivitamins typically include balanced levels of all necessary vitamins and minerals. Serious medical conditions may occur from a deficiency of any single vitamin or mineral.
  2. Lower costs and more convenience - There are 13 vitamins and 14 essential minerals, chances are you won’t want to take 27 tablets each day. And taking them individually is more expensive than taking a multivitamin. You could be spending several times more than a simple multivitamin. And taking nearly 30 pills a day has its drawbacks. Comparatively, taking one to four multivitamins per day is much simpler.
  3. Individual supplements - a potential for overdose - Usually, a vitamin or mineral supplement contains more than the Recommended Daily Allowance. High amounts of nutrient intake can cause unpleasant side effects. Some vitamins are water-soluble and leave the body through urination. Generally, these are considered safe. Other vitamins dissolve with fats and can remain in your body for upwards of six months, which could increase the risk of overdose.
Carefully balanced multivitamins allow maximum nutrient absorption and can protect you against future illnesses. Hybrid Nutraceuticals is committed to producing the highest quality products available! This commitment starts with engineering the most effective clinical formulations. We use only the highest quality vitamins, herbs, extracts, and energizers, all tested for quality and potency.

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