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Boosting Your Immunity With Vitamin D, as Found in Our MiracleMulti Vitamins

Does it seem like someone in the family has a cold every time you turn around? Hybrid Nutraceuticals, makers of MiracleMulti Multivitamins, suggests that it may be due to a lack of vitamin D in your system. Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, not only plays a big part in bone health, but it is also a key ingredient in helping to boost your immune system. It serves as a regulator to signal your body’s defenses to attack bacteria and viruses. Let’s take a look at a little more information on vitamin D.

Vitamin D can actually reduce the risk of pneumonia. When the immune system is weak, people are at an increased risk of developing pneumonia. Older adults who contract this infection of the lungs are more likely to develop complications than younger people. Seniors who develop pneumonia are at greater risk of heart damage as the inflammation from the lungs can spread to other parts of the body. Research has shown that older adults who increase their levels of vitamin D can significantly reduce their risk of developing pneumonia.

For a number of reasons, many people aren’t getting enough vitamin D to stay healthy. This is called vitamin D deficiency. You may not get enough vitamin D if:

  • You don’t get enough sunlight - Your body is usually able to get all the vitamin D it needs if you regularly expose enough bare skin to the sun.
  • You spend a lot of time indoors and use sunscreen when outside
  • You’re not regularly exposed to sunshine, as in winter months
  • You don’t take supplements - It’s difficult to get enough vitamin D from the foods you eat alone.
  • Your body needs more vitamin D than usual - The need for Vitamin D increases if you’re pregnant or obese

Your body gets vitamin D mainly through the absorption of sunlight in the pigment in your skin, which is then converted into the vitamin. This vital nutrient is contained in foods such as fatty fish, fish liver oil, and fortified milk and dairy products. Since most people do not have enough of these dietary sources of vitamin D in their daily diet, one of the best ways to ensure you maintain the optimal amount of this immune-boosting nutrient is through MiracleMulti Multivitamins from Hybrid Nutraceuticals.

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